Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Side Note: Accessing the Pi

Accessing the Pi

This blog assumes that your Pi is connected to a network, preferably with access to the internet for easy updates. But of course, everything discussed here can be done in a closed network too.
Apart from the network you don’t need anything. No monitor, no keyboard.
You can easily access your Pi remotely when you enable the ssh service during setup.
From now on you can access it from any client within your network.

Use ssh from any Linux client or putty from a windows client.

Let’s do something practical: Connecting to the Pi from a windows client and checking the Java installation.
Power up your Pi.
Open a putty session on a windows machine, selecting ssh as connection type.

This will start a terminal window where you will have to enter your credentials.
Check the Java installation by typing:
java -version
You should see something like this:

Ok, openJDK seems to be installed properly.
In order to shut your pi down, type:
sudo shutdown –h now

and close the terminal window.

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