Sunday, 20 September 2015

Installing Couchdb 1.6.1 on a Raspberry Pi Model 2

Couchdb 1.6.1 on a Pi 2

Update 03.11.2015

The Erlang Solutions Repository now contains a new version of Erlang. The major version is now 18. This is too high for the couch in version 1.6.x.
For this reason, please omit the step of including the Erlang Solutions Repository.
Just rely on what you get from the default Raspbina/Debian repos.
I still have to verify this with Wheezy, but for the new Raspbian Jessie image this does the trick.

Installing the couch version 1.6.1

This will probably be my shortest post ever.
Last week I installed couchdb version 1.6.1 on my Raspberry Pi Model 2.
I did this for two reasons. One was to have the couch on Pi 2. The second was to see if my own install instructions are still valid for couch 1.6.1 and Pi Model 2. Two readers reported problems, so I was a little worried.

But everything worked well and it was soon time to relax.
I went along the instructions using copy and past, with only two exceptions:
The instructions are still valid. They worked for me and should do so for you.

Have fun.


  1. Hi Volker, congrats for your success with couch on the pi. If I ever start to play around with couch on the pi I will consult your blog. Meanwhile I will stick with jee and old school relational db on pi. Have a nice week, Roger